Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Today is Easter and boy, am I tired!  I enjoy Easter, and all the other "kid holidays", but it seems that the more kids I have the longer it takes me to prepare and the less sleep I get leading up to the happy day.  This year I procrastinated making the girls' dresses until just a few days ago, so that was my own fault, but also its hard to find free time to sew with everything else that's going on around here, so maybe I'll blame it on the big family after all......

These are my Easter girls.  Since we are adopting E. and M. next month, I asked the girls if it would be OK if I made their dresses white this year so that they could also use them when we go to the temple to be sealed.  They thought that was a great idea, so I let them pick out the fabric and patterns and made colorful sashes and also white ones for temple day.  You can't see it in this picture, but they have big bows on the back that are very pretty, just like my girls!

This was the 8th Easter dress I have made for H., but only the 1st for E., since she wasn't always with us.  Is it strange that I am sad for the dresses I didn't get to make for her before?  Anyway, now I can make her all the pretty dresses she wants, and believe me, she loves to wear pretty dresses!

I missed going to my Mom's house for Easter this year, it is always good to get together with my family and catch up while sharing the holiday, but most of the kids are grown up now and Mom is very busy, so we went to Tom's parents house instead where we had a very nice Easter dinner and family birthday party.  Between H., E., M., J.B., P., and B., there are plenty of little kids there to celebrate with!