Monday, May 16, 2011

Talk in my pocket

Yesterday I was asked to give a talk at a baptism about the gift of the Holy Ghost.  The person being baptized was a 10 year old girl that my daughter has recently become friends with.  I felt a little panicky because I only had about an hour to prepare and I didn't know what I was going to do!  I ran home from church at 4pm and prepared the talk, then got back to the church at 5pm, right when the baptism began.

After the baptism, several people asked me for copies of my talk, so I'm going to post it here.  Being the internet scavenger that I am, some of these ideas came from there, some came from my experience, but mostly they came from what I could find around the house on short notice!

I got permission from those attending to sit down so I could be on the same level with the baptizee, because I wanted her to feel like I was really talking to her about the Holy Ghost and not just giving a "talk".  I started by congratulating her on making the decision to be baptized and how great it must feel, etc.  Then I told her that some people compare the Holy Ghost to the sun, because he can be in one place but his influence can be felt everywhere, he illuminates things for us, and comforts us with his warmth, but I prefer to compare him to the wind, because you can't see the wind, but you can hear it and feel it.  Sometimes it's soft, sometimes it's strong.  Sometimes it's gentle and sometimes very persistent.  You can't see it but you can see the results of it's influence (like the roads of Lakewood after a storm), etc.  Then I said that the Holy Ghost is often called a "gift", because it is something Heavenly Father gives us to make our lives better, etc.  I then presented her with a "gift", a box wrapped up and tied with ribbon.  When she opened the box, I asked her to take out the items one at a time so I could explain why I gave each item to her and how it relates to the Holy Ghost.  I also put a copy of the list in the box for her to refer to later on and be reminded of all the things the Holy Ghost can do.

The Holy Ghost can:
  • Speak to you in a still, small voice so only you can hear.  (Q-tip, or wax lips)
  • Warn you of danger.  (Lighthouse or lifesavers)
  • Have healing power in your life.  (Band-Aid or a pill bottle filled with skittles)
  • Remind you of right from wrong, good from evil, truth from lies.  (Ribbon or string tied around your finger)
  • The Holy Ghost can cleanse and sanctify you through repentance.  (Soap or hand sanitizer)
  • It will inspire you and light your path as you go through life and help you understand sacred things.  (Candle or flashlight)
  • He can teach you.  (Ruler)
  • Guide your footsteps back to Heavenly Father.  (socks or footprints)
  • He can strengthen your hold to the iron rod.  (Glue)
  • Let you know in your heart that God lives and that he loves you.  (Heart)
  • He can help you understand spiritual things (Scripture Bookmark)
  • And finally, the Holy Ghost can testify of Jesus Christ.  That Jesus died for us so that we might gain eternal life.  (Picture of Jesus)
I finished by bearing my testimony of how the Holy Ghost has helped me in my own life.

There you go, I hope you can use it if you are ever called upon to give this talk for a child, not sure it would have the same impact for adults.

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