Sunday, October 4, 2009

Goodbye to my sweet little ones

"Pinky sqaure....I love you!" - AJ

As sometimes happens in our lives, we had to say goodbye to these 2 incredible kids last week when they went to live with a relative.  We are very sad to see them go!  It is always hard to say goodbye, but sometimes it's downright heartbreaking - and this was one of those times.  We really love them as if they were ours.  In fact, if the option had been available, we would have adopted them and kept them forever.  So good luck, you two.  I hope you have a happy life with all the love and care you deserve.  We miss you so much, and though we know as time passes you won't remember us, we'll never forget either of you!  We love you, our little "magpie" and "cereal"!

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  1. They sure are cute! I would have kept them too!


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